When Finding Problems is A Good Thing

I just wanted to share something I heard this morning regarding the editing process.
I’m nearing the end of my edit with my current WIP, and while I usually enjoy editing, re-writing, and crafting, I find myself getting impatient to finish now (my baby is due in 2 weeks so I have a real deadline that I can’t push out) (ha ha! see what I did there?).
It’s an uncomfortable state to work in.
But this morning on a podcast I was listening to, Shawn Coyne (author of ‘The Story Grid’) said that editing is all about FINDING PROBLEMS. If you’re doing a good job of editing, you will be finding problems.
So while my deadline continues to loom, hearing this made me feel a lot less frustrated with the process, and I wanted to share it, in case anyone else is feeling the same way.

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