Lovely Literogo

Katherine L D Kirk of Literogo wrote this wonderful piece just in time to coincide with my books being stocked by Exclusive Books.

This week JT Lawrence’s books will start appearing in Exclusive Books stores around South Africa. With five books published since 2011, in five different genres, Lawrence has something for everyone. 

My first encounter with JT Lawrence’s style was her fast-paced urban scifi novel, Why You Were Taken, set in a very plausible near-future Johannesburg. In it, a synaesthete with fertility problems discovers that she was abducted as a child and is now prominently featured on someone’s hit list. Drawn into Lawrence’s expertly-crafted future Johannesburg, I found myself begging her for a sequel as soon as it ended. The sequel, by the way, will be published in 2017 as How We Found You. 

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