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Dear Readers

It’s been an exciting month for me. My Sticky Fingers promotion went really well, the book hit the number 1 spot in its category in various Amazon retailers (and stayed there for a week in Canada). Do I have any new Canadian readers? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

The second book in the Sticky Fingers series also shot up the charts, and it was the first time I had an Amazon bestseller while the book was still on pre-order.

Thank you again to everyone who downloaded the book and shared the love. I can’t wait to get the next book into your hands! If you’d like to pre-order book 2, here is the link:

Pre-order Sticky Fingers 2 now.

If you’re South African and would prefer a signed paperback, you can reply to this email with your order and I’ll send you an invoice when they become available in April / May. Alternatively the paperback will be available from Amazon via print on demand at around the same time.


When I wrote this short story I had no idea I’d get so hooked on the idea of an eccentric, hexing-and-texting witch. I sassed up her character a bit and added a murder investigation for the novel I wrote of the same name, and it turned out to be my best selling novel. Readers kept asking for a sequel, so I’m going to write a series about the burnt-out witch this year.

If you’d like a taste of Grey Magic, you can download the short story that started it all, for free.


Thank you so much to Joni Mielke for upping your pledge! I think you’ll find you have a character named after you in my next release. Thank you also to my other patrons. It means so much to me that you support my work. If you’d like to pledge a coffee a month, you can do so here.


I’ve just got The Sigma Surrogate back from my editor, and I can’t wait to share it with you. (It’s the prequel novella for the When Tomorrow Calls series and has Keke as the lead character) I’m looking at a publishing date of around the 16th of March. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s up for pre-order!

Again, if you’re in SA and you’d like a signed paperback, just reply to this mail and I’ll add you to the list.



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The Sigma Surrogate (coming soon — March 2018)
Why You Were Taken
How We Found You
What Have We Done

The Stepford Florist
Grey Magic
Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers II
The Underachieving Ovary
The Memory of Water
Every Breath You Take
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