My new distraction has a name.


My kids wanted to name our new kitten Fifi Marshmallow Lawrence, so we settled on ‘Felix’ for short.

Felix has settled in beautifully, eats his weight in posh kitten food, and likes to explore. It’s so touching to see my young kids form a bond with him. (I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

The other good news is that I finished and submitted book 5 in my wizard series (shew!) and have started writing the final book. It’s been quite an adventure, and I’m so tired I can hardly form a coherent thought, so getting the words down is currently requiring a vast amount of coffee.

(When I think of quitting, I just remember the price of the posh kitten food and I press on).

I can’t wait to celebrate the submission of book 6 at the end of December! I hope you’ll celebrate with me. We can do a giveaway!

Until then …

>> For those of you on my list who are not here for urban fantasy, I’ll be taking a break from wizards and orcs to write some more Sticky Fingers story collections next year, so stay tuned! I will also email you less frequently from January onwards.)

>> For those who ARE here for urban fantasy, The Witch Hunter will go live on the 14th of December.)

In the meantime, you can…


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If you do end up reading my new releases, The HighFire Crown or The Dream Drinker, please let me know what you think!

The Witch Hunter will go live on the 14th of December.

And thank you for supporting indie authors. Happy reading!


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