Cold Breath

Dear Readers

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your Friday!

Here in South Africa it’s a long weekend, and most families (religious or not) will be celebrating easter with eggs and chocolate bunnies.

I’m at my desk because I have a book to write, but I’ll definitely be joining in the fun tomorrow. This will mostly entail ensuring the health of my children by eating at least half of their chocolate.

Say it with me: Win/Win.


For those of you interested in my short stories, I am hard at work on my fourth Sticky Fingers collection.

So far I’ve written two of the twelve stories. The first was harrowing to research and difficult to write.

The second was an idea that popped into my head one night months ago and kept me up for hours. I couldn’t write it then because I was in the middle of my Blood Magic series, but now I’ve got the bones down and I think it’s a goodie.

Creepy, dark, and even though I got the words written, I find it is still under my skin.

It’s called ‘Cold Breath’ and here is the first line:

“I knew why I deserved to be haunted by them, but I didn’t understand why they, in particular, had chosen me.”

Some other ideas are also knocking, so I’m hoping to have them written really soon as the deadline is fast approaching (it’s on pre-order at Amazon and I live in fear of angering the Amazon gods). But deadline aside, I am really enjoying the change in pace and the short format.

Thank you again for your loyal support, I appreciate every one of you. I wouldn’t be able to afford to be an author if it weren’t for readers like you. So thank you for supporting my work! I don’t take it for granted.

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Some think the City of Jade Spires is a utopia. It isn’t.


Holly Drake is in prison for defending herself from a murderer. That’s the kind of corruption thriving in the city where evidence is destroyed and the innocent go to jail.

But everything’s about to change.


Someone exonerates Holly and she walks free. She has no idea who. Or why. But they have a job for her: steal back the Eye of the Colossus, a priceless jewel. It’s about to be moved off-planet, and when that happens, the trail will go cold.

Out of prison with no other work on the horizon, the job is a gift. If only she knew how to pull off a heist. The clock is ticking. If she can assemble a team and pretend like she knows how to do this, maybe she can fake it long enough to do a job better suited for a master-thief.

Why Holly? Who’s pulling her strings? And just how far across the moon system will she have to go to finish the job?
This is Holly Drake. Someone tried to kill her once. She survived. Will she beat the odds once again?
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Hugs, and happy reading!


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