I Am Janita, God Of This Weekend

Dear Readers

We had some fun this week with this new meme. What are you God of?

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I can’t get enough of Agnes Obel lately. Listen to ‘Curse’ here (YouTube link).



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The married couple, Eddie and Roberta, had to drag the old man into the plush reception of the EverAfter frail care centre. 

“Pops!” beseeched Eddie. He was sweating with the effort. “Don’t fight us, please!”

“We love you, Pops,” said Roberta, her eyes shining with tears. “We’re bringing you here because we love you. Because it’s the best place for you to be.” Her jewellery flashed under the artificial lights.

“They can take care of you here, Pops,” said Eddie.

“Don’t call me that!” shouted the old man, trying to wrench his elbow away from Eddie. “I’m not your father!”

The smartly dressed receptionist left his station and came around the white marble counter, a concerned look on his face. He clicked a button on his silver headset; a modern Madonna halo. 
“We need two orderlies at reception.”

The old man managed to break away from Roberta and kick over a metal tray nearby, the contents of which went clattering all over the floor, along with Eddie’s Rolex.

“Make that four orderlies, and a gurney,” said the male Madonna, then switched the headset off. He scooped the watch off the floor. “You’re the Malones, I assume?”

Eddie and Roberta looked up at him at the same time.

“Yes,” said Roberta. “We called ahead.”

“Let go!” Pops roared. He was tall, and stooped, and looked a hundred years old. His hair floated in an untidy cloud around his head, and his teeth were the colour of illegal ivory.

“Yes,” said Madonna, passing the Rolex back to Eddie. “We’ve been expecting you. Mr. Malone’s room is ready.”
“Phone my son!” shouted the old man. “Phone my son, and he’ll tell you that I don’t know these people and that I don’t belong here!”

Eddie looked distraught. “I am your son, Pops.”

“You’re a liar!” yelled the ancient man, stabbing his dead branch of a finger into Eddie’s chest. “Let me go!”


(From the short story A TREE IN A FOREST)
Sticky Fingers 4: A Dozen Deliciously Twisted Short Stories


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Sticky Fingers: 12 Deliciously Twisted Short Stories
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Blood Magic – Urban Fantasy Action Adventure Series (complete)
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2. The Dream Drinker
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6. The New Dawn Throne (final)

When Tomorrow Calls – Futuristic Thriller Series (complete)
The Sigma Surrogate (prequel novella) 
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