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Amazon has finally unlocked our box set file for ‘Souls & Shadows’ so it is LIVE!

Available at all retailers at this link. 99c till Sunday!

Click here >>> https://books2read.com/soulsandshadowsboxset <<<

Despite the Zon’s glitch, we are still really close to hitting the USA Today Bestseller list so please hold thumbs!

[For those who were sent the pre-order (placeholder) file by Amazon, I’ll be able to advise you soon on how to get the correct one.]

Thank you so much for your amazing support on this!


Also in the urban fantasy genre is this bestselling box set by Melissa Delport.

Grab all 4 books now for only 99c!

Guardians of 
Summerfeld: Full Series: Books 1-4  only 99c
Melissa Delport

The war between vampires and the fae waged for over a thousand years. To save their species, the fae called on the last of their magic to create a city, hidden from the world, in which they could live out their days in peace. 

Twelve humans were chosen to guard this sanctuary. Granted the gift of immortality for their protection, they became known as the Guardians. They are all that stands between the last of the fae and the vampires who hunt them.

Now, a Guardian is dead and her sister seeks vengeance. But the city faces its greatest threat yet, and the only way to save it is to align herself with her mortal enemy: the most powerful vampire in existence.

Grab this bestselling four-book box set now for only 99c.



When I get back from the conference in Edinburgh I’ll be giving away LOADS of audiobooks. Hundreds. So don’t go anywhere! I can’t wait to share them with you.

In the meantime, you can join our FB audiobook club, if you like. It’s run by the wonderful Joni Mielke who distributes review codes and lets us know about Audible deals, bestsellers, and other good stuff.

If you’d like to join, here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/671905753281265/


That’s it for now! I’ll be back soon with the ‘Sticky Fingers 5’ launch announcement.

Hugs, and happy reading.


• JT Lawrence •
Author / Playwright / Bookdealer
Short Story Collection – Psychological Suspense; Dark Humor
Sticky Fingers: 12 Deliciously Twisted Short Stories
Sticky Fingers 2
Sticky Fingers 3
Sticky Fingers 4
Sticky Fingers Box Set (books 1 – 3)

Blood Magic – Urban Fantasy Action Adventure Series (complete)
1. The HighFire Crown
2. The Dream Drinker
3. The Witch Hunter
4. The Ember Isles
5. The Chaos Jar
6. The New Dawn Throne (final)

When Tomorrow Calls – Futuristic Thriller Series (complete)
The Sigma Surrogate (prequel novella) 
1. Why You Were Taken
2. How We Found You
3. What Have We Done (final)
When Tomorrow Calls Box Set (books 1 – 3)
The Stepford Florist

Standalone Novels
Urban Fantasy / Magical Realism: Grey Magic
Psychological Thriller: The Memory of Water

Cyberpunk: 2054
Urban Fantasy: Souls & Shadows (limited time)

The Underachieving Ovary

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