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Book 3 witch hunter character square.jpgDear Readers

I’ve been quiet, but with good reason!

Since my life has exploded with chickens and other urban farming fun (I have a beehive and a PROPER vegetable garden now—check my FB page for pictures!) I’ve fallen a bit behind on writing to you—and writing Sticky Fingers 6!

But have no fear! There is good news.
• Sticky Fingers 6 is back on track and will be released next month.

• Jigsaw, a radio serial I wrote in 2014 featuring Robin Susman and Devil, will be released as a novel in a couple of weeks’ time.

• FREEBIE >> I am giving away codes for the audiobook The Memory of Water. If it looks like your kind of book, just reply to this email with your preference of Audible US or UK code and I’ll send you one!

• 99c DEAL >> The Blood Magic box set is doing SO WELL I actually can’t believe it. The reviews are wonderful and It has smashed every personal sales record and rank I’ve ever had. THANK YOU for your support!

>> To celebrate, you can grab it at 99c for a limited time. <<

That’s 6 books for 99c!

Or, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free, and we will earn more (as we get paid per page read).

If you know someone who enjoys quirky urban fantasy, please send them the link!

Here is the blurb:

It’s a case she can’t refuse.


Spell-slinger. Vampire-slayer. Magical albino ferret-rescuer.


Meet Jacqueline Denna Knight, the best wizard detective in the city.


Jax turns vampires to ash and pain into magic. She also has a knack for finding things. So when a distraught—and obscenely wealthy—elf calls Jax at midnight to hire her for an intriguing job, she grabs the opportunity with both hands…


But what Jax doesn’t know is that this case is going to unravel her life. She’ll get tangled up with a host of intriguing characters, most of whom are not who they appear to be.


As Jax speeds down a path toward the most powerful vampire clan in the country, she’ll have to put everything on the line.


Will she be able to use her unique brand of magic to save the Realm?
A breakneck-paced mix of urban fantasy, irreverent humour and detective noir.

Fans of The Dresden Files and Jessica Jones will burn through this brand new addictive urban fantasy series, now available in a 6-book complete series set!

Get it now.


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What reviewers are saying about the BLOOD MAGIC series:
★★★★★  “This is a sizzling hot book. The characters are great, the plot races and the writing is great. Humour, magic, crossbows, ferrets, mysterious men – this book has it all. I can’t wait for the rest of the books in this series.” – Amazon reviewer


★★★★★  “The main character, Jax, is like if Gin Blanco (of Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassins series) and Harry Dresdan (of Jim Butcher’s The Dresdan Files series) had a baby. That is high praise cuz I love Gin and Harry dearly. The HighFire Crown built a world of magic, mythology and mayhem. I am super excited for the next books in the series!” – Jenny B.

★★★★★  “Witty, gripping, and leaves you wanting the next book. I found myself laughing often and unable to put it down for long.” – Amazon reviewer


I hope you pick it up … and please tell your friends!

Hugs, and happy reading.


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USA Today Bestselling Author
Short Story Collection – Psychological Suspense; Dark Humor
Sticky Fingers: 12 Deliciously Twisted Short Stories
Sticky Fingers 2
Sticky Fingers 3
Sticky Fingers 4
Sticky Fingers 5
Sticky Fingers 6
Sticky Fingers Box Set (books 1 – 3)

Blood Magic – Urban Fantasy Action Adventure Series (complete)
1. The HighFire Crown
2. The Dream Drinker
3. The Witch Hunter
4. The Ember Isles
5. The Chaos Jar
6. The New Dawn Throne (final)

When Tomorrow Calls – Futuristic Thriller Series (complete)
The Sigma Surrogate (prequel novella) 
1. Why You Were Taken
2. How We Found You
3. What Have We Done (final)
When Tomorrow Calls Box Set (books 1 – 3)
The Stepford Florist

Standalone Novels
Urban Fantasy / Magical Realism: Grey Magic
Psychological Thriller: The Memory of Water

Cyberpunk: 2054
Urban Fantasy: Souls & Shadows (limited time)

The Underachieving Ovary

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