Do You Remember ‘Inception’?

Do you remember the film ‘Inception’? I loved it, and this week I stumbled across this video of Eiro Nareth playing the theme track “Time” on his guitar. It took me back in time and gave me all the feels.

It’s such a luxury to just sit and close your eyes to listen to a great song. I think of music as being able to express what words can’t.

Keen to hear it? Here’s the link >>

His version of ‘Interstellar’ is also wonderful.


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I hope it makes you laugh!

Hugs, and happy reading.


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  1. Right now I am reading Blood Magic and I totally love it! I read deep into the night(morning) Would love to listen but can not afford it on Disability! THis my new favorite author, along with Holly Hook, Willow Rose and Bella Forest!

    Hope your year is as wonderful as you want it!

    1. Thanks Teri! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. Watch out for the newsletters — sometimes we have Audible codes to give away!

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