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It turned out to be pretty long, so I hope the headlines help you to navigate to what you’re interested in, and you can skip the rest!
Following the success of the urban fantasy series BLOOD MAGIC (thanks to you!) I decided to write another 6-book series in the same world.
It’s called THE CURSEBREAKER, and I am halfway through book 3.
They are lo-o-o-ong books at 100,000 words each, so I’m 250,000 words into the 600,000.
I hope to finish book 3 by mid-August.
A 6-Book Urban Fantasy Series set in Johannesburg, South Africa – in the Makeshift Wizard Universe – featuring a kick-ass curse-breaking green witch whose job it is to protect the Void and keep balance in the Realm.
There will be overlapping places and characters from Blood Magic, including appearances from our favourites: Jax; Gizmo; Ferra; Salty, and Sugar. There will also be plenty of new, interesting places and people to meet.
Who is The Cursebreaker?
Asha Viridian Rook is a witch who practices earth magic.
This includes growing ingredients for her famously potent potions with which she heals people and breaks curses.
But, as always, there is a lot more to her story, much of which must stay secret.

I am thoroughly enjoying writing the series, but suffered a setback last month when I tested positive for COVID-19. I got quite sick, but not dangerously so.

I haven’t been able to read, write, garden, or go on my regular afternoon walks, which I miss like crazy. I am still tired and brain-foggy 4 weeks later, but I’m determined to start writing again on Monday. Fingers crossed!
While I haven’t been able to write, I’ve been doing admin, design, and publishing work.

I finally formatted and uploaded the paperback version of STICKY FINGERS 6, so that is finally up for those of you who have been asking for it. Sorry it took so long!
I’ve also published the paperback and audio version of THE BEST OF STICKY FINGERS just in case anyone would like a hard copy (the ebook is still FREE on Amazon).
Other work has included some author coaching and manuscript assessments, which I love doing.
I’m also loving my work as the urban fantasy manager at Muonic Press (the publisher I worked with for BLOOD MAGIC). I’m currently working with two authors I really like and I’m helping them with their series, based in the same world (but not the same city).
Colby Rice and I are working to get the audio produced for our co-authored urban fantasy, EVERDARK. I’m also going to re-design the cover and change the blurb as it is not selling well.
I volunteered some time to do editing work for a charity project called IN GOOD COMPANY – a photo art book of SA celebs – which included the privilege of editing the foreword by Prof Thuli Madonsela which absolutely made my day. The prof was happy with the work and sent a message to say so.
The proceeds of the book will go to REACH FOR A DREAM – an NGO that helps terminally ill kids. This specific project’s profits will go towards creating “Dream Rooms” in hospitals so that the kids have somewhere entertaining to spend time. They have LEGO, books, movies, games, music… it’s an initiative I’m very happy to be involved in.

Lastly, I’m about to order some paperbacks for local (South African) readers. All my boosk are in paperback, so if you’re local and would like to add to the order, just reply to this email and I’ll send you the price list and payment info. If you do end up ordering, thanks in advance! 


I’ll spend more time on this in the next letter, when I’m actually writing again. (laugh/cry)
In the meantime, if you have any specific questions let me know and I’ll dig down on those.
I’m reading LIGHT THE DARK in paperback – a collection of essays from wonderful writers. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in the craft.
We’re watching BORDERLAND on Netflix. I’m slow to the party, I know, but I haven’t watched much TV in the last few years due to a pretty punishing writing schedule, but I am catching up now in my old age and try to watch an episode a day. It’s a Nordic Noir set in Finland – pretty dark as they usually are.
We also watched FLEABAG at last which I absolutely loved, and SEXIFY – a Polish comedy that was fun to watch – great for handling COVID anxiety.
What is your film or series of 2021 so far? I’d love to hear about it.
Music: I’m listening to WHAT HE WROTE by Laura Marling. <3
Podcast: I’m a podcast addict and subscribe to so many shows I can hardly keep up, from writing and publishing to gardening, health hacks, and psychedelics. This week I enjoyed the show from Tim Ferris interviewing Michael Pollan, author of THIS IS YOUR MIND ON PLANTS.
Audiobook: I’m listening to THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ. Vivid and harrowing, I’m hoping for a happy ending, but I doubt it will happen.
My main goals are to finish THE CURSEBREAKER series as soon as possible, keep the “farm” happy and productive, and keep my kids alive. No pressure!
A bigger, more ambitious goal is to get my work onto Netflix. I see this as a five-year plan or so, but I will work towards it steadily. Fingers crossed!
Sunday morning cuddles with Alex. My stomach rumbles.

Ali (5): “I can hear your body fighting the coronavirus.”

We said goodbye to our beloved Dora last week when she turned out to be a rooster.

I found a wonderful farm for her and her two best friends. We raised them from 1-week-old chicks and Dora especially crept into our hearts (she was the chick who loved perching on our shoulders).

It was very difficult for us to say goodbye but at least she (he!) will be living the best life now.
We also got our first duck egg! So much excitement.
We’ve been eating loads of homegrown greens, and bowls of gooseberries, and I’m looking forward to spring planting. I also tried pickled daikon for the first time – a Japanese recipe – and it was yum.
For more pics of Dora, the garden or the ducks check out my Facebook page or Insta feed.
I have priced the original English version of THE MEMORY OF WATER at FREE for the foreseeable future.
It’s a bit oddball and definitely a “Marmite” book – you either love it or hate it — and I hope by making it free I will find more readers who enjoy the weird way my brain works.

Here is the French cover:

If you know anyone who you think would enjoy it, please share!
Here is the synopsis:
Slade Harris will do anything for a story, including murdering the woman he loves. 
Slade doesn’t think twice about jumping out of a plane or conducting disastrous love affairs to gather material for his work, but his self-indulgent life is catching up with him. Stumbling through his late thirties hopeless and a little drunk, Slade has a dazzling, dangerous idea that will change his life forever. It’s going to be Slade’s ultimate story … and all he’s hoping for is to survive it.

Start reading now for free.
Wow, that was a really long letter. I’m impressed you got this far!
Thanks again for your help and feedback on my newsletter. I’m always open to more suggestions.
Stay safe my fellow humans

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