The Lucky Sickness

Greetings, fellow Plague Rats
How are you faring so far this year?
I’m on day 50-something of Delta and still up and down on the Rona-coaster. I’m off steroids and on coffee.
Yesterday I felt like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, today I feel like I am the ashes.
And so life goes on – for us fortunate ones, anyway.
I am cheered by the early spring blossoms, especially on my nectarine and almond trees, and the constant high spirits of the ducks. They never seem to have a bad day, and they’re laying so many beautiful light green eggs.

One of my favourite things to do every day is put on the coffee (beans from the lovely zero-packaging store, Unwrapped, brewed in our stovetop espresso maker – a Bialetti Moka pot, the ones geriatric Italians use) and then go out into the garden and see the ducks and hens.
I look at the garden, collect eggs, and give the birds some grain to say thank you.

Nowadays the doves and hadedas (from non-SA folk, they are giant prehistoric-looking Ibises) join in on the feast, which makes for interesting sound effects for my husband’s Zoom calls.
If you’d like to see/hear them, here is a link:
 I am currently 55k into my 100k urban fantasy book – book 3 out of 6 of my new series set in the same world as Blood Magic called THE CURSEBREAKER.

For those paying attention, that means I haven’t written a word since my last update.

I’m 7 weeks behind deadline and still battling with brain fog. When I try to write I forget words, forget characters’ names, forget where I am in the story and what has happened in previous books and chapters, so there is no use in pushing forward until it clears. The last thing I want to do is deliver a sub-standard book.

Instead, I have been using my time to coach fellow authors, design covers for my short stories, and clear the decks for when I can finally write again.

One of the upshots of this is that my short story audiobooks have been doing well in the library channels like Bibliotheca, which I am very grateful for.

If you’d like to see some of the new covers, you can check them out on my
author Insta
or my Amazon author page 

More coming soon!

Revisiting the stories also made me realise how much I love writing short stories, so once this series is done I’ll definitely get another Sticky Fingers collection together.


Alex (5): “All monkeys can dance.”

Robin (7): “But only apes can breakdance.”


Zero! We’ll only publish CURSEBREAKER once the whole series is written. Maybe in 2028. Kidding! Hopefully, if the planets align, in Q2 2022. Please let the planets align!!
EverDark has gone into audio production, so that will be available soon. The narrator is the award-winning actress Roshina Ratnam, who I love and use for all my audiobooks.
I am looking at doing a hardcover omnibus of all 6 Sticky Fingers collections in one. 

Is that something you’d be interested in? Or do you prefer the individual paperbacks?

Or are you over hard copies in general and happy with ebooks and audio? Curious minds want to know.

I’ve also published BEST OF STICKY FINGERS in audio and hardcover, and all the individual collections in large print.
One of the new covers I designed is for THE LUCKY SICKNESS, which I have made free on Amazon for new readers to sample my dystopian work.
Given my situation, the irony of the title is noted XD

Hopefully, they’ll enjoy it and go on to read the whole series. If you know someone who might like a futuristic dystopian thriller (think Handmaid’s Tale crossed with Mr. Robot) I’d be so grateful if you shared the link to the free story.
>> <<

I’m signing off early to make coffee and go sit with my ducks. I’m hopeful that my next letter to you will be more spritely, as it is spring next month, and that is always cause for optimism.
As always, thank you for supporting my work!
Stay safe my fellow humans

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