Stay up all night with USA Today bestselling author JT Lawrence.


Which genre do you like to read?

Short Stories / Suspense

Science Fiction / Futuristic Thriller

Psychological Thrillers

Urban Fantasy

Non-Fiction / Memoir

If you end up ordering any of the books (thank you!) and enjoy them, I’d love to hear from you. I’m here at my desk, just an email away.

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  1. Wow! What a nice surprise. Thank you so much. I know now, exactly what to do with my next 27 hours and 23 minutes!

  2. Just finished reading ‘Astrid’. Blown away. What a fast paced, gripping story! I didn’t expect that ending. Looking forward to reading much much more.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you. I practically inhaled Sticky Fingers 1 yesterday (left a review on Amazon) and have now downloaded SF 2. I have always been fascinated by the short story form and as an avid reader and short story writer, your tales were like a magical collection of brightly wrapped gifts. I love your crisp, clear narrative, clever plots, and the way you seem to inhabit your characters so perfectly. I have several favourites in the first collection, including the Brain Bleacher (probably my favourite), Travelling Slacks (hilarious and eerily on the mark!) and The Unsuspecting Gold Digger. I don’t normally ‘stalk’ authors, or engage in blatant fandom, but it would be wrong to miss the opportunity to say your stories are simply brilliant! I am just about to lose another few hours of what should be writing time, gorging on SF 2.

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