I Have a Problem.

Okay, that subject line is pretty clickbaity (sorry!) but I need to tell you about my paperback sale.

My problem is that I’ve got loads of JT Lawrence paperbacks here at home and not enough shelf space for all the new books I plan on writing this year.

So …
I’m having a huge BOOK SALE! If you live in South Africa and would like any of my paperbacks for deeply discounted prices, this is the deal.
If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy my books and would like to take advantage of theses once-off prices, just reply to this email and I’ll reserve the title/s for you.
The release of Sticky Fingers 2  went really well (see the first reviews here) and I’m hard at work on the third collection, due next month.
We’ve also just released the box set version of the When Tomorrow Calls trilogy. Audiobook version coming soon!
(Reminder: The Sigma Surrogate, the prequel novella, is currently FREE on Amazon.)
The sci-fi anthology I’ve been working on is almost ready to go. My story is called The Memory Hacker and I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s live!
>> I have plenty of Audible UK codes to distribute.

This means that you can get any one of my audiobooks FREE from Audible UK. Just reply to this mail with your preference and I’ll send you a code.

The Stepford Florist is my brand new audio release, in case you haven’t yet listened to it, and here is a list of all my books on Audible.co.uk

>> US listeners can also get my audiobooks for free — if it’s the first time you listen to an audiobook through Audible, it’s free.
However, if that ship has sailed, you can always open an Audible.co.uk account — without becoming a member, so it’s free — no matter where you live. I always have plenty of UK codes so your efforts will be rewarded in a big way.

Soon my audiobooks will be raining down on your face and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start listening in a British accent sooner.

Maybe you’re not into the audiobook thing. I get it. In that case, I have free ebooks for you, too.

Fierce Hearts is an InstaFreebie giveaway featuring books with kick-ass women characters in sci-fi and fantasy. Click here to see what’s on offer.

… and that’s all for today. Hugs, and happy reading!

Addicted to Virtual Reality

Addicted to Virtual Reality.

In tomorrow’s world where the edges blur between addictive virtual reality and real life, would you hurt your daughter if it was the only way to set her free?

When gaming junkie Silver doesn’t make it home on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Kate and Keke go out to find her. It’s a treacherous journey navigating a city in the midst of a flash civil war.

Shrouded in electrosmog and panic, it’s been taken over by vigilante bot hunters as a violent AI uprising puts everyone Kate loves in danger, especially Mally and his anthrobot girlfriend.

What Have We Done is only 99c today.

(audiobook also available)


I’ve been hard at work writing a new sci-fi story called ‘The Memory Hacker’ which will be available in an anthology soon.

Watch this space!

My next projects are to finish Sticky Fingers 3, and then I’ll start work on the series for Grey Magic.


The Sigma Surrogate is still free on Amazon and all other retailers. If you haven’t yet picked it up, you can do so by clicking here.


The Mangrove Suite
Tim Niederriter
4.6 stars out of 5 (12 reviews)

Can he restore his lost love’s memories?

Jethro finds a woman he thought lost, but her memories have been taken.

Click now to start reading for only 99c.

That’s all for now. Happy reading!


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Here’s Your Friday Freebie!

TSS dystopian.jpg

I hope your Kindle is hungry.

Hello and happy Friday!

>>  My new release is FREE today, plus I have loads of 99c deals happening. <<

I’ll keep this super short. Here are the deals:

The Sigma Surrogate — FREE today

Why You Were Taken — 99c

How We Found You — 99c

Grey Magic — 99c

Sticky Fingers — 99c

If that’s not enough, there are some more killer 99c deals here:

99c Book Bonanza

SFF Book Bonanza

The Aldar Dominion — 99c
Katherine Bogle
4.6 stars out of 5 (21 reviews)

The Aldar Dominion saved the world.
Then they damned it.

Can Selene decipher her dreams in time to avoid enslavement to the aliens? Or will she witness the end of the human race?

Read the first book in the Dominion Rising series to find out.

Happy Reading!


Manic March Madness, and a cover reveal

TSS on white banner.jpg


Dear Readers

This month is going to be by far the craziest month of the year for me.

My beautiful Robin turns four, I’m launching The Sigma Surrogate, and I have a BookBub scheduled for my short story collection, Sticky Fingers.

THE SIGMA SURROGATE — Cover reveal and pre-order details — “Impossible to put down.”

The day has come! The Sigma Surrogate is live and ready to pre-order. But hold your horses!

I want everyone to read it so I’m going to make it FREE from the 19th and the 23rd. (I’ll send a reminder email next week).

For those who don’t know, Sigma is the prequel novella to the sci-fi thriller When Tomorrow Calls series.

THE UNDERACHIEVING OVARY — Audiobook release today! — “Hilarious & Heartbreaking.”

We’re launching the audio version of The Underachieving Ovary today! You can listen to a sample here. (NSFW!)

To celebrate, I’m running a 99c sale on the ebook from today till Friday. Get it now!

STICKY FINGERS — Book 2 — Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn and Roald Dahl

Book 2 in this short story collection is writing itself. Seriously. I haven’t had this much fun writing since Grey Magic. Some of the stories are very creepy, though. One in particular is keeping me up at night. 


Book 2 will be launched at the end of April — or sooner if it’s ready — but if you want to grab it now the pre-order button is ready and waiting for you.

And it’s great timing because BookBub will be including Book 1 in its mailer on the 23rd of March. We’re expecting around a thousand sales that day. Isn’t that crazy? It makes me giddy just thinking about it.


And what has been your best book of 2018 so far?

I read I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh the other day and, no spoilers, but that TWIST! Masterfully done. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers and/or crime procedurals. Mackintosh served on the force for most of her adult life so her gritty detailing of investigations is on point. I can’t wait to read her other books.


Time Trap
Jill Cooper
4.1 stars out of 5 (352 reviews)

Designed to read like a fast paced action movie, you’ll love the Rewind Series if you love big twists, high emotion and high concept television such as Orphan Black.

Fifteen minutes is all the Rewind Agency gives you to relive a memory in the past, but for street smart Lara Crane it’s enough time for her to race through the city, find her mother and stop her murder from happening over ten years ago.

Get it for just 99c now.

Happy Reading!


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The Sigma Surrogate
Why You Were Taken
How We Found You
What Have We Done

The Stepford Florist
Grey Magic
Sticky Fingers I and II
The Underachieving Ovary
The Memory of Water
Every Breath You Take
The JT Lawrence Suspense Box Set

A dark, magical short story FREE today only


Dear Readers

It’s been an exciting month for me. My Sticky Fingers promotion went really well, the book hit the number 1 spot in its category in various Amazon retailers (and stayed there for a week in Canada). Do I have any new Canadian readers? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

The second book in the Sticky Fingers series also shot up the charts, and it was the first time I had an Amazon bestseller while the book was still on pre-order.

Thank you again to everyone who downloaded the book and shared the love. I can’t wait to get the next book into your hands! If you’d like to pre-order book 2, here is the link:

Pre-order Sticky Fingers 2 now.

If you’re South African and would prefer a signed paperback, you can reply to this email with your order and I’ll send you an invoice when they become available in April / May. Alternatively the paperback will be available from Amazon via print on demand at around the same time.


When I wrote this short story I had no idea I’d get so hooked on the idea of an eccentric, hexing-and-texting witch. I sassed up her character a bit and added a murder investigation for the novel I wrote of the same name, and it turned out to be my best selling novel. Readers kept asking for a sequel, so I’m going to write a series about the burnt-out witch this year.

If you’d like a taste of Grey Magic, you can download the short story that started it all, for free.


Thank you so much to Joni Mielke for upping your pledge! I think you’ll find you have a character named after you in my next release. Thank you also to my other patrons. It means so much to me that you support my work. If you’d like to pledge a coffee a month, you can do so here.


I’ve just got The Sigma Surrogate back from my editor, and I can’t wait to share it with you. (It’s the prequel novella for the When Tomorrow Calls series and has Keke as the lead character) I’m looking at a publishing date of around the 16th of March. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s up for pre-order!

Again, if you’re in SA and you’d like a signed paperback, just reply to this mail and I’ll add you to the list.



Recursion: Book One of the Recursion Event Saga FREE
Brian J. Walton
4.5 out of 5 stars (26 reviews)

The Recursion Event Saga is a time travel thriller told chronologically in 5 parts, each taking you to unique settings, times, and characters. From 1950s Paris to a post-apocalyptic future, lives and fates collide in Molly’s desperate fight to hold together the threads of history, and to solve the riddle of her life.

A war-correspondent searching for his dead wife, a young screenwriter with a love for the paranormal, a time-traveling double agent, and a girl who’s lived multiple lives—all play a part in the century-spanning saga.
Click to start reading this free book now.

Happy reading!


• JT Lawrence •
Author / Playwright / Bookdealer

The Sigma Surrogate (coming soon — March 2018)
Why You Were Taken
How We Found You
What Have We Done

The Stepford Florist
Grey Magic
Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers II
The Underachieving Ovary
The Memory of Water
Every Breath You Take
The JT Lawrence Suspense Box Set

Claim Your Free Novellette Set In The ‘When Tomorrow Calls’ World


Dear Readers

Happy New Year! I hope it treats you kindly.

I’m so excited for all the writing I have planned in 2018, including a prequel novella to the When Tomorrow Calls series, a new short story collection, a secret project under a pen-name, and a series of novels set in the Grey Magic world.

I’ll reveal the cover and release date for the prequel soon. Can’t wait to hear what you think!


I’ve committed to reading 52 books this year. Yikes!

How many books will you read in 2018?


I’ve made my latest release, The Stepford Florist, free for a limited time.

(The paperback is also now available to order)

If you haven’t yet read it, here is the blurb:

Jasmine is arrested for performing a bootleg vampire facelift in her modded-out steampunk caravan.

She’s thrilled, because it’s worked out exactly as she planned.


Jasmine has mastered moonlighting.


She’s a steampunk inventor, a cosmetician, and a gene-hacking florist.

And then there’s her real job: exposing evil corps and dodgy clinics.


When Jasmine, the head of Alba—an underground biopunk organisation—is tipped off that something morally dubious is happening at the city’s most luxurious high-tech spa, she takes it upon herself to investigate, and discovers a whole lot more than she bargained for.


(Warning: Contains colourful language and sex.)


This short novel is set in the near-future ‘When Tomorrow Calls’ world, and introduces Jasmine, Seth and Keke, just before we meet Kirsten, the kick-ass main character in ‘Why You Were Taken’.


When Tomorrow Calls (over 150 5-star reviews)

Book 1: Why You Were Taken

Book 2: How We Found You

Book 3: What Have We Done


What will Jasmine discover? Click now to find out.


That’s all for now! Hope you enjoy your gift, and …

Happy reading!


• JT Lawrence •
Author / Playwright / Bookdealer

Why You Were Taken
How We Found You
What Have We Done

The Stepford Florist
Grey Magic
Sticky Fingers
The Underachieving Ovary
The Memory of Water
Every Breath You Take
The JT Lawrence Suspense Box Set

Would you sacrifice your son to save your daughter? *FREE audiobook*



Dear Readers

Hello! Happy Holidays!

The audio version of ‘How We Found You’ is now available!

Would you sacrifice your son to save your daughter?

There’s something different about Kate’s four-year-old son. He wasn’t created the old fashioned way. Now a violent cult wants him dead and Kate will do anything to protect him – until they take her daughter. 

If you would like a free copy to review, please comment (or email me) with your preference for a US or UK code, and I’ll send you one.

Thanks in advance!


• JT Lawrence •