Cover reveal — ‘How We Found You’

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Hello readers! ‘How We Found You’ (the sequel to ‘Why You Were Taken’) is now available to pre-order on Amazon.

Here is the blurb:

Would you sacrifice your son to save your daughter?

There’s something different about Kate’s four-year-old son. He wasn’t created the old fashioned way. Now a violent cult wants him dead and Kate will do anything to protect him – until they take her daughter.




The pre-order is full price ($3.99) but if you wait till the 19th of May I’ll be running a week-long 99c promo to get it to climb the Amazon charts and gain visibility. As a member of this list you have the inside track, so if you’d like to grab the 99c deal you know what to do!



If you prefer a signed paperback (R248), you can pre-order directly from me. We deliver door-to-door to all major cities for just R39. Order 2 or more for a 20% discount and free delivery.

Alternatively you can get it from Exclusive Books, Skoobs, Love Books, and other local bookstores (RRP R268).

(If you live outside of South Africa, you’ll be able to order the paperback as a POD from Amazon or any major retailer as soon as it goes live.)


That’s it for now! I wish you a fantastic week.

Keep well, and happy reading!



★ The Underachieving Ovary ★ Launch And Thank You


Just a quick post today to shout: IT’S MY BOOK’S BIRTHDAY!

‘The Underachieving Ovary’ is now live on Amazon. What a journey it’s been.

I also wanted to say thank you: I have more pre-orders on this title than any other ebook so far and have pre-sold a third of the paperbacks. Some of the reviews are already in and they are wonderful. Your support continues to boggle my sleep-deprived porridge bowl of a brain.

Alexandra was pretty pleased, too.

Thank you to VIP reader Ryan Krein for this themed onesie. Amazing!

I can’t WAIT to tell you about my next release (info coming soon). I am so excited about this particular suspense novel, but I’ll fill you in next time.

Just like baby Alex, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I hope the rest of the week is excellent to you.


Yellow Brick Road

Okay, so I think I just received my Very Last Rejection Letter. Yay?

After loving the self-publishing experience and results of Why You Were Taken, I decided a couple of months ago to go the indie author route with all my future books, but before that, I submitted my (much rejected) infertility memoir manuscript, The Underachieving Ovary, to one last publisher who I thought would be a good match.

I’ve never been happier to get a rejection. I laughed out loud. Especially at the part where the reader found the work “too cheery and upbeat” after my dream agent in the UK found the identical manuscript too dark and “alienating in its intensity”.

Sometimes the way forward is obscure. In my case, the path is as clear as a shiny yellow brick road. And it certainly doesn’t involve traditional publishers.

Self-publishing from Scratch


I’m no expert at self-publishing. It was never part of my writing dream, until all of a sudden it was, and now I can’t imagine why I didn’t start sooner.

I’m what you call a hybrid author: I’m traditionally and independently published. When I started the self-publishing process last year with ‘Why You Were Taken’ I had very little knowledge and even less experience. I approached it as a complete hack, making it up as I went along, and damn, it was fun. The book also sold double that of my traditionally published book. Maybe it was a better book, or maybe, now that we are living in the future, self-publishing should should be seen as the better option, instead of the last resort.

I’m still hacking my way through this indie press thing, but now I’m amped about it, and have decided to learn as much as I can about the process and the business, as quickly as I can. I’m addicted to the podcasts and blogposts of successful indie authors. I gobble them up like toasted hot cross buns and tea. After countless rejection slips from the ivory towers, I feel like I’ve finally found my tribe.

Interested in this steep learning curve? I’ll share all the tips and tricks I come across, here.

Tip #1: Write the Damn Book

Tip #2: Don’t Worry About Marketing (Yet)

Tip #3: You Need an Editor

Tip #4: Follow a Pro

Tip #5: Your Cover is Your Most Important Marketing Tool

Tip #6: Mastering the Countdown

(to be continued)