I am a USA Today best-selling author and I make a living from my royalties.

I love writing and publishing and have produced 24 books (and counting!).

I enjoy helping new authors get their books into readers’ hands.

Indie publishing can be daunting, and the marketing aspect can feel overwhelming, but I can help you with any element of the publishing process.

What are you struggling with?
• Plotting
• Manuscript assessment
• Proofreading
• Formatting for ebook and paperback
• Cover design
• Uploading to Amazon and other retailers
• Audiobook production
• Marketing
• Advertising on Facebook and Amazon
• General advice and Q&A
I can help!
I charge $50 per single hour session
$40 per hour for ten hours or more.
Get in touch if you need my help at Janita(at)
Happy writing!