Anthology: ‘Jozi’ (2011)

jozi‘Best Served Cold’ (2010) was published in a local anthology called ‘Jozi’ (2011) by Gallus Press.

Johannesburg, City of Gold, Egoli, Maboneng, Joburg: the biggest man-made forest in the world, built on a constantly shifting labyrinth of tunnels. It’s Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest city with a sprawling 10 million residents, a city raised from gold. For those who call the magical city of Jozi their home, there is a passion for the unique culture that springs from a mining town and still continues to be the place for Africans to make their fortunes. Joburgers love the city for its leafy suburbs, variety of restaurants, abundance of art and for a cosmopolitan culture where homeless people are poets and street cafes ring with accents from around the world.

This book is Jozi through the eyes of nine different writers. Their stories and voices all different, but their sometimes troubled, sometimes proud, but always immutable connection to Africa’s City of Lights, the same.


Gallus Press

Curated and published by Laurence Cramer, author of ‘How To Look After Bert Reynolds’ and ‘Psychocandy.’

Available as a paperback (EAN 9781466430549) and an ebook (ASIN B0078NFNX6) from Amazon and Pulp Books.


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