Future Fuschia, an interview about Why You Were Taken

JT Lawrence’s latest book Why You Were Taken paints the South Africa of 2021 as a difficult place for a person who knows his or her own mind. It’s an invigorating, bracing vision by a very talented storyteller.” — Bruce Dennill

I loved Dennill’s tough and insightful questions. Read the interview here. 

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Pens Behaving (not so) Badly

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Paige Nick, author of ‘A Million Miles from Normal,’ ‘This Way Up,’  ‘A Girl Walks into a Bar’ and her latest ‘Pens Behaving Badly’ was kind enough to post her review of my latest novel ‘Why You Were Taken’ on the fabulous Facebook book club The Good Book Appreciation Society.

It’s a goodie. Thank you Paige!

… It’s mostly set in a futuristic Joburg in 2021. Infertility is an epidemic. They have inflatable motorbike helmets and schmeat. Kirsten is a synaesthete (which means she hears and sees in colours and numbers because her senses get jumbled) with a fertility problem. And Seth is a hot-shot chemgineer who works for an underground biopunk truth organisation.

It’s a tightly wound and imaginative thriller. An enjoyable read that ticks along quickly and raises some really thought-provoking and terrifying questions about population growth and the future of bio/chemical/gene engineering.

I believe I ordered the EXTRA LARGE


I promise that I’m not going to become one of those authors who spam you constantly with news on their books BUT I just wanted to say an EXTRA LARGE THANK YOU for all the amazing messages and support. Oh, and I sold 56 copies of my newborn book in the first day! (25 to my mom! Ha!!) (Thanks Mom.)

*more rainbows shooting out of my head and other places* — New commissions

I am seriously hyped to type that I have been commissioned to write TWO NEW PLAYS AND EIGHT NEW SHORT STORIES.

This, and knowing that my new novel is coming out this month, is making me properly giddy. I apologise in advance if you find rainbow vomit on your shoes. My bad.

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