Tip #1: Write the Damn Book


What is the first thing you need to know about being a successful indie author?

1. Write the Book.

Seriously, just write the damn book. When you’re finished writing that one, write another one, and another one. Preferably a series.

Yes, I said write a series.

I know, I know. You’re a standalone author (I am too). You think sequel action is for fantasy hacks and the Duggars. You wouldn’t know how to write a series if you tried. But consider the following:

George RR Martin (not a hack)

JK Rowling (not a hack)

EL James (not poor)

I resisted this idea too, but it’s Business 101. Why would you put all your resources behind selling one book, when you could sell three, or six, for the same banging buck? Once you’ve worked so hard to get your book into your reader’s hands, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the rest of the books sold themselves, with little to no effort or cost on your behalf?

Don’t be cruel to your readers. Once they’ve read one book and loved it, give them another one! It’s the right thing to do. Plus, we’re talking passive income. In foreign currency. You could be earning dollars in your sleep. Write the damn series.

Tip #2: Don’t Worry About Marketing (Yet)