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When Tomorrow Calls: A Futuristic Dystopian Thriller Series: Complete Boxed Set

A creative assassin.

A hit list hidden in a Doomsday Vault.

A woman with an unusual gift has to untangle the conspiracy… before it kills her.


“An edgy, intelligent sci-fi thriller that is full of heart.” PAUL ANLEE

“One of the best pieces of sci-fi I’ve read this year.” YUDHA WIJERATNE

“A far out, near future, cyberpunk, Gibsonesque, instant classic sci-fi thriller. Highly recommended. Can’t wait for the movie.” TIAN VD HEEVER
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Welcome to the Future.

It’s 2054, where memory hackers carve up your mind, sexbots lurk behind every corner, and the religious wear impenetrable skins.

Explore the ocean depths with AI-enhanced octopods. Learn your past might not be what you remember. Take a bot into your marriage bed, and fall in love across an impenetrable divide.

You’ll love this riveting cyberpunk-fuelled box set of science fiction novellas.

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This box set includes:

Deep Ocean Blues – Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

In the Bay of Bengal, no one can hear you scream.

When Parul signed up to work on Rig #443 thousands of feet beneath the ocean, she expected to make it out unharmed. But bitter truths lurk in the depths … and soon Parul’s survival is at stake.


The Memory Hacker – JT Lawrence

Be careful what you remember.

A robodoctor shocks Talia by telling her she’s given birth before. Talia’s sure the AI is glitching, but it’s stirred something deep in her memory. Will she risk remembering?


Melting Shlemiel – Jason Werbeloff

What would you sacrifice to be free?

Shlemiel discovers a way to melt his impenetrable skin, but at a terrible cost. How will he choose between sacrificing his happiness and the safety of those he loves?


The Camille – Colby R. Rice

Some toys just shouldn’t be played with.

When tech genius and mogul Andrea Daanik Ramoni invited the sex bot into her marriage bed, she knew it’d be trouble. What she didn’t know was that it would also be murder.



“Imagine a future that is at once amazing, terrifying, and breathtaking…

Imagine no more—the future is now.

Welcome to 2054.”

— Samuel Peralta

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